The best PS2 games of all time

The most effective PS2 video games are a time pill that'll take you directly back to the 90s. From this little whole lot, it's incredibly simple to see why it's still classed as one of the best consoles of all time. Not only did it flaunt a rather enviable collection of games, however it additionally arrived as one of one of the most budget friendly DVD gamers at the time. Due to that the PS2 continued to sell well beyond the arrival of the PS3, and also was actually only ceased in 2012, some 12 years after its initial launch. It saw off challenges from plenty of competing formats – consisting of the Dreamcast and also GameCube (look into the best GameCube video games if you require a reminder) – as well as laid the structures for PS3. It additionally saw the launch of Sony's PSP, which was intended as a companion handheld for PS2, even if it really did not fairly work out in this way.

Among the very best PS2 games ever before you'll locate some outright standards – from console exclusives like God of War to mighty franchise chapters like Steel Gear Strong 3. It was likewise the original house to cult classics like Shadow of the Titan, Psychonauts, and also Okami – video games that sustain today on other styles. Its DualShock controller has evolved right into the amazing PS4 controller we understand today, however the style remains very familiar. And PS2 also did early operate in developing the PlayStation Network we understand today, even if it was the PS3 that birthed PSN in its current form. So keep reading for the best games from among Sony's best ever gaming consoles.

Dark Cloud 2

Yes, you remember Dark Cloud. A minimum of, you should. This resourceful hybrid tested you to be as adept with city style as you were with dungeon crawling. You adopted the role of Max, a clever young artisan who was charged with reconstructing his world by gathering items (geostones) from dungeons and putting together towns piece by piece with aid from the regional Firbits.

Dark Cloud 2's world-creation system was habit forming, to state the least. It's arbitrarily generated dungeons made looking for geostones feel fresh with every browse through, as well as it was easy to lose hrs breaking images and sussing out every last town item. The video game also shipped with a habit forming golf minigame called spheda as well as a fishing diversion; all in addition to a meaningful story. We do not understand just how we found time to save the globe, yet we know we had a good time doing it.

Soulcalibur 2

Arcade-to-console ports are high-risk, however Task Spirit pulled off Soulcalibur 2's PS2 translation with nary a scrape. Taken into consideration among the tightest, most beautiful, and also many fluid competitors of its day (and even today by some), the sequel improved on every little thing its Soul Blade and also Soulcalibur precursors did right, while presenting brand-new faces, tools, settings, upgraded visuals, and a substantial weapon master side mission.

Part of our love for Soulcalibur 2 originates from the reality that this was the series' first appearance on a PlayStation console. Real, Soul Blade made the leap from galleries to the PlayStation in the mid- '90s, yet the very first actual "Soulcalibur" could just be delighted in at home with a Dreamcast. By the time SoulCalibur 2 expanded the series' reach to various other gaming consoles, both hardcore and laid-back combating fans aspired to enjoy their gallery favourite on the PS2, and also Task Soul did not let down.
Kingdom Hearts is a series that truly shouldn't have functioned. Blending the melodramatic globe of Last Dream with the cheery family members fun of Disney need to have been a train accident. Instead it wound up being one of one of the most effective brand-new franchises of the PS2 age, as well as its action RPG gameplay still holds up, particularly in the PS2 follow up.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 returned to Sora's search for his friends, and as constantly he's aided by Disney celebrities like Donald and also Goofy. Sora checks out globes old as well as new, consisting of some based on Boat Willy and TRON. Meanwhile, the combat was enhanced by the additions of twin Keyblades, the Drive Scale, as well as the much-improved Gummi Ship segments. Even when the story makes little feeling, KH2s gameplay kept us pleased till the story quit being confusing.

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky is regarded as the [insert name of your nation's best snowboarder] of snowboarding games, and also it stops by its title truthfully. For one, it kicked EA Canada's SSX collection right into a brand-new gear; as well as for an additional, it was just plain amazing. SSX Tricky achieved the nigh-impossible job of moving the joy of shredding down a mountain right into our living rooms. Its courses were exciting, its soundtrack was pumping, and its uber relocation trick system motivated newbies as well as vets to maintain returning for "simply another run".

SSX Tricky took the bones of SSX as well as provided the series the vitality and also perspective it so seriously needed. EA has actually tried to keep the SSX brand name to life considering that, however couple of sequels have come close to packing the exact same strike as this playstation 2 roms original.

SOCOM 2: United States Navy Seals

Once, on the internet multiplayer was taken into consideration a bonus, not a "have to have." During these dark ages, SOCOM 2: United States Navy Seals was one of couple of take on titles that helped PS2's on the internet community materialize. It opened the way for groups of 8 to take their battle online over 25 maps – twelve new, 10 from the original SOCOM, and also an additional 3 that were utilized as bait to purchase the Official PlayStation Publication. It likewise allowed allies connect over a basic in-game chat as well as for recently deceased gamers to see the video game in ghost form.

SOCOM 2 wasn't the initial title ahead equipped for online play on the PS2, but it aided push the concept ahead as well as spearhead for today's modern fragfests. SOCOM 2's single-player pulled its very own weight, presenting ingenious attributes like the capability to yell voice commands over a headset. SOCOM 2 wasn't the greatest war game of the PS2 era, however it marched the genre forward and won us over on several fronts.


You may acknowledge Psychonauts from every 'Overlooked Games You Need to Play' post ever composed; however believe us when we state Psychonauts is a sorely ignored game you truly need to play.

Starring the psychically gifted Razputin Raz Aquato, it sent you loading to the Whispering Rock Psychic Summertime Camp where you ventured into the minds (and also nightmares) of its offbeat locals. From evading neon bulls to playing a life-sized parlor game and smashing up an underwater city, every degree in Psychonauts played by its own hugely innovative policies. Incorporating Dual Fine's distorted sense of humour, rebel game layout, and also flair for writing memorable characters, Psychonauts was a radiating example of what the studio can create when left alone with its creativity as well as a moderate spending plan.

Katamari Damacy

The quintessentially wacky Katamari Damacy proved that wacky, clearly Japanese video games with fairly low budgets (under $1 million) could be successful in the United States both readily and seriously. The public's cozy welcome of the initial Katamari, a surprise gem marketed as a $20 spending plan title, caused not only several higher-priced follows up, however also paved the way for publishers to take even more come across localising other strange titles.

Katamari's brilliance remains in the stylish simpleness of its gameplay, paired with the vibrant mayhem of its visuals. You make use of both analog stays with roll a sticky round around gathering as much things as you can, and the bigger the round obtains, the larger the stuff it can grab. Most importantly, there's a wealth of really awesome junk to roll up– great deals of real-life, tantalisingly exotic, Japanophilia-inducing durable goods, plus adorably heavyset individuals, stock, planets and the like. In short, it's a wonderful party of silliness with a straightforward yet totally unique idea that's highly habit forming, prepared to among the best, jazziest soundtracks in gaming background.

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