All hail Keanu! Why I’m thrilled that Hollywood’s loveliest guy has a fresh gf

All hail Keanu! Why I’m thrilled that Hollywood’s loveliest guy has a fresh gf

November Keanu Reeves pictured with Alexandra Grant in Los Angeles on 2. Photograph: Presley Ann/Getty Photos for Audi

I was a little worried when I saw the pictures of Greta Thunberg hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

She will be young also for him. I am aware he cares in regards to the weather crisis and it is a great star, but he could be a modeliser whom, despite their advancing years, continues to be yet to possess a relationship with a lady avove the age of 25.

The artist Alexandra Grant, aged 46, has left me kind of thrilled so the news that Keanu Reeves was pictured with a woman said to be his new girlfriend. They appear lovely and delighted. Evidently, he’s got never ever posed by having a gf in the red carpeting before, and this suggests a relationship that is serious. Therefore, yes, i will be thrilled. And even though my very own love for Reeves is unique. Pure and unsullied (although used to do when compose an item in a mag that showcased him while the address celebrity and bore the legend “Dumb, young and packed with come”).

Needless to say, Reeves is certainly not therefore stupid. Those of us who adore Keanu will not even bother with the conversation about whether he is a good actor from my Own Private Idaho to Point Break to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to The Matrix. Can any one is imagined by you else in those roles? You can’t. See him play against key in the serious The Neon Demon and let me know he can’t work.

Reeves’s backstory belies their seeming simplicity and charm. Created in Beirut, he’d later on carry on to satisfy Jennifer Syme, whom in 1999 provided delivery for their child Ava, who was simply stillborn. Syme later on passed away in motor vehicle accident. Their sibling, Kim, underwent a 10-year struggle with leukemia. Their buddy River Phoenix passed away of a overdose. He’s got talked associated with the discomfort of loss changing into memory where he finds solace. He has got distributed huge amount of money for cancer tumors research. “Grief changes form, nonetheless it never ever ends,” he once observed.

The online world is awash with tales of him being good man doing nutrients for ordinary individuals. Purchasing an ice-cream at a cinema in order for a starstruck cashier could easily get their autograph. Sharing a minivan to Los Angeles with other people after an emergency has been made by a plane landing, entertaining all of them on the way. He’s been praised for maybe perhaps maybe not pressing feamales in photographs – and being aware of the individual room. You will find memes of him alone, consuming a sandwich. Perhaps he could be alone – or possibly his life that is personal is private. Advantageous to him.

We who aren’t opted for for the red carpeting want Reeves become pleased. And also as to get the facial skin you deserve, well … just take into account the undeniable fact that he could be the age that is same Nigel Farage.

So, yeah, i will be actually thrilled he’s discovered a woman that is seemingly wonderful.

My love, nonetheless, continues to be real and I also am certain that Reeves knows of this in our lives because we could all do with someone like him. “Be excellent to every other,” as you of their characters has stated. Reeves, when expected just just how he remained so grounded, replied: “The ground is very near so we walk on it every time” in which he does not place a base incorrect. It’s glorious to see him pleased with a grey-haired woman. So please don’t mind us nevertheless swooning. Away from sheer respect, demonstrably.

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